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Re: st: A Word to Future Authors

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: A Word to Future Authors
Date   Wed, 10 Aug 2005 11:13:35 -0500

At 10:40 AM 8/10/2005 -0500, Sergio Correia wrote:
One question Raphael,

What course is that, and what is the master about? I'm preparing a
course where we teach some Stata, intended for advanced undergrad
students with major in economics. So I'm wondering if it would be more
efficient to start a wikibook, or something in that sense, where
everyone could share its own exercises.

Sergio Correia
Also, there are zillions of worked examples out there although you might have to dig around a little; see "Resources for learning Stata" at

Plus, it is often a pretty straightforward matter to take an example developed using one program and convert it into a Stata problem. In fact, I initially took an example from Hamilton and converted it into SPSS; and when I realized that it was really much easier just to do it in Stata I decided to start teaching Stata in my courses.

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