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st: changing appearance of boxplots

From   Jack Rabi <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: changing appearance of boxplots
Date   Fri, 22 Jul 2005 12:13:21 -0600

I have created a boxplot with two groups (boxes) for each category.  I want to change the appearance of the median line for the white boxes to black so that they are easier to see.  How do I change the color of the median line for only one of the two groups.  I have included the command I tried below.  This produces a faint greyish white median line within the boxplot.  Couldn't find the answer in the graphics manual.

graph box avgo2,  over(cs1) over(cage) asyvars medtype(cline) box(2, bcolor(black)) box(1, bfcolor(white) blcolor(black))boxgap(10) ytitle("SpO2") b2title("Minutes")legend(cols(1) position(5) ring(0) lab(1 "Vaginal delivery") lab(2 "Cesarean delivery"))

Jack Rabi MD, FRCPC
Assistant Professor (University of Calgary Dept. of Pediatrics)

Foothills Medical Centre
Room C211
1403-29th Street NW
Calgary, AB
T2N 2T9
Tel:  [403] 944-1615
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