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Re: st: poverty decomposition using povdeco command

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Subject   Re: st: poverty decomposition using povdeco command
Date   Wed, 13 Jul 2005 10:16:15 -0400

Can you :
set tr on
and rerun the code. We could then see
where is the problem.
Putting the trace on is a useful way to debugg your
stata codes.
Best regards.

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Dear all
I'm using the command povdeco and i'm facing somme difficulties to
decompose the result. Here is the syntax i use :

povdeco pex [aw = poids],  varpl(seuil365) by(strate1)

but, stata does not decompose the results as i expected. It indicates
: "varlist not allowed"

here are my results

Total number of observations = 64503
Weighted total no. of observations = 10425208
Number of observations poor = 39226
Weighted no. of obs poor = 6525900.7
Mean of pex05 amongst the poor =  1.47e+05
Mean of poverty gaps (poverty line - pex05) amongst the poor =

Foster-Greer-Thorbecke poverty indices, FGT(a)

  All obs |        a=0         a=1         a=2
          |    0.62597     0.20885     0.09221
FGT(0): headcount ratio (proportion poor)
FGT(1): average normalised poverty gap
FGT(2): average squared normalised poverty gap
varlist not allowed

Can anyone give me some insights about that ?

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