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st: Re: split, combine and verify datafile(s)

From   "Katsuhide Isa" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Re: split, combine and verify datafile(s)
Date   Sat, 18 Jun 2005 21:18:19 +0900


Thank you for your suggestion.
Following your suggestion, I modified the original codes as 

foreach file in sysdsn32 sysdsn33 sysdsn34 {
	use `file'
	sort patid
	tempfile `file'_temp
	save ``file'_temp'
	use sysdsn31
	sort patid
	capture drop _merge
	merge patid using "`file'_temp"
	save sysdsn31, replace

But when running these codes, I got an error, saying

file sysdsn32_temp.dta not found

What would be the problem?
Or there may be any misunderstanding in my modification.

Any suggestions welcome.
Thanks in advance.


>The problem is that your tempfile command is doing nothing but reserving a 
>name for a tempfile.  The save command precedes it and uses a valid 
>filename, so those files are saved and are left behind at the end of the 
>program.  If you want them to be tempfiles you need to change the order of 
>the commands and fix the save command:
>tempfile `file'_temp
>save ``file'_temp'
>Note that the save command needs to have the tempfile name enclosed in 
>single quotes because tempfile creates a local macro.
>Michael Blasnik
>[email protected]

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