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st: Re: variable window - Stata 9

From   [email protected] (Kevin Turner)
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Re: variable window - Stata 9
Date   Tue, 24 May 2005 11:20:49 -0500

Ricardo Ovaldia ([email protected]) writes:

>In previous versions of Stata, whenever I was typing
>on the command line and needed a variable, I would
>simply click on the variable name in the variable
>window and continue typing in the command line. In
>Stata 9, when I do this the mouse remains in the
>variable window, requiring a click on the command line
>before continuing. This is annoying. I have to click
>two times, once on the variable name and once on the
>command line, just to enter a variable.
>Is there anyway around this?

I assume you are referring to the Windows version of Stata and that your
Variable window is undocked. If you dock it, you shouldn't have an issue. We
will look to address the issue concerning the undocked Variables window in a
future update. 

Also, clicking the title bar of an undocked Variable window seems to reset the
keyboard focus to the Command window. This solution still requires an extra 
mouse click but at least the mouse click is a shorter distance than directly 
clicking in the Command window.  

Hope these suggestions help,

[email protected]
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