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Re: st: Questions about -rspread-

From   Richard Goldstein <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Questions about -rspread-
Date   Thu, 19 May 2005 10:45:56 -0400

I have no idea why you are getting the invalid files error message

Whether it can be used prior to appearance in the SJ depends primarily, at least, on Nick Cox as he is re-writing it


louis boakye-yiadom wrote:

Richard, thanks for the reply. Actually, I have tried giving the -rspread- command again several times after reading your reply and the results are puzzling. I had the following for the first three attempts:

1st attempt: there was what looked like a correct output, but with the error message:
invalid 'Files'

2nd attempt: worked fine

3rd attempt:
mdmean already defined

I'm using windows xp. By the way, from what you said about the rewriting, does it mean the new version would appear in the SJ before it can be used? Thank you.


From: Richard Goldstein <[email protected]>
May 2005 08:59:25 -0400

I am the original author of rspread

I was out of the office all day yesterday, so I only seeing the messages today.

I tried -rspead- on the auto data and had no problems (Stata 9 in Windows XP) so am not sure what is going on. However, it is also the case the Nick Cox very generously took on the re-writing, and bringing up to date, of the program and this should appear in a forthcoming SJ -- much thanks to Nick

The answer to question 2 is "no" -- the program was never meant to overlay Lorenz curves directly

Rich Goldstein

louis boakye-yiadom wrote:

Dear All,
I have two questions:
1. I've been trying to explore how -rspread- works. I gave a command and had an output, but with the error message - invalid 'files' (198) - below the output. The command was:
rspread welfare
The output looked alright, but I don't understand why the error message was also generated. I've checked to be sure there are no zeros or missing observations, using - count if mi(welfare) - and
- count if welfare==0 -. Each of the last two commands gave an ouput of 0. Can anyone explain what the problem is?
2. Can -rspread- be used to generate two or more Lorenz curves within the same axes?

Thank you.


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