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st: Beta testers wanted for gologit2

From   Richard Williams <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Beta testers wanted for gologit2
Date   Thu, 12 May 2005 09:19:01 -0500

I have a program I am (almost) ready to unleash on the world, but since it is fairly complex (roughly comparable to -mlogit-) I wouldn't mind getting a few more beta-testers first. I'm of course interested in bug reports, but I'm also interested in comments on ease of use and clarity of documentation (like, can anybody besides me understand what the program does?) I'll also be presenting on this at the Boston meetings in July.

The program is called -gologit2-. If you are familiar with the original gologit program, ologit, the proportional odds assumption made by ologit, and/or the idea of partial proportional odds models, this program may be of interest to you.

Those brave enough to try it can locate and install the program by typing the following from within Stata:

net from

Besides the program-related files, there is a manual (of sorts) entitled gologit2.pdf; you can either get it as an ancillary file or download it directly from

Here is the description of the program. Again, any feedback would be appreciated. RW

gologit2 estimates generalized logistic regression models for ordinal dependent variables. A major strength of gologit2 is that it can also estimate two special cases of the generalized model: the proportional odds model and the partial proportional odds model. Hence, gologit2 can estimate models that are less restrictive than the proportional odds/parallel lines models estimated by ologit (whose assumptions are often violated) but more parsimonious and interpretable than those estimated by a non-ordinal method, such as multinomial logistic regression (i.e. mlogit). Other key strengths of gologit2 include options for linear constraints, alternative model parameterizations, automated model fitting, Stata 8.2 survey data (svy) estimation, and the computation of estimated probabilities via the predict command. gologit2 is inspired by Vincent Fu's gologit program and is backward compatible with it but offers several additional powerful options.

gologit2 is still in the beta testing stage. Comments are welcome.

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