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st: Generate variable

From   "kelly johnson" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Generate variable
Date   Sun, 08 May 2005 21:46:03 -0400


A few quick questions:

(1) How do I generate a new variable in a dataset that is equal to the observations number? eg. suppose have data like:

var1 var2
12 43
12 23
. .
. .
1 32

how do I create a new variable, t, that is 1 for the first observation, 2 for teh second, 3 for the third, etc.?

(2) I am using the stata -rolling- command (new to stata 9) to generate rolling correlations. if i declare my data set to be a time sereis dataset using the date variabe (format: %dD_m_Y) it doesn't work. however, when i use a new variable for observations (eg. like the one above, where it equals 1 for the first obs, 2 for the second observation, ...) and declare the data to be time series (tsset) on this variabel, it works. Why?

(3) also, can you refere me to a good site where i can get more information on writing loops?

Thank you!


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