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st: Re: stata 9 command line

From   [email protected] (Kevin Turner)
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Re: stata 9 command line
Date   Thu, 05 May 2005 13:24:29 -0500

Emma Sanford ([email protected]) writes:

>Anybody know how to make it behave like stata 8 command line - i.e. be part
>of the main stata screen rather than being external.  Have tried to get used
>to it but it's driving me crazy as it keeps disappearing!

The situation you describe occurs when the Command window is undocked from the
main Stata window and is also free-floating (meaning it can go behind other
Stata windows).

There are two ways you can prevent the Command window from hiding behind the
main Stata window:

 1) Redock the Command window into the main Stata window.

	Drag the Command window title bar until you see blue 'docking guide'
	icons that loosely resemble compass points. These icons should appear
	above a window region and signify that you want to dock top, bottom,
	left, or right of the window region. Simply drag the Command window
	until your cursor is over a blue icon for the desired direction, and
	release the mouse. The Command window should dock into place.

	The command window will now occupy that location and will not move 
	behind the window it is docked into. To redock in another location, 
	simply drag the title bar to another docking guide icon, and release.

 2) Set the preference to make windows float.

	From the Prefs menu, set:

		General Preferences -> Windowing -> Make windows float

	This causes all _undocked_ windows to float above the main Stata 

Either of these should help.

[email protected]
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