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st: Formatted date embedded in log filename

From   [email protected]
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Formatted date embedded in log filename
Date   Thu, 5 May 2005 10:44:00 -0500

Dear Sata-listers --

I usually embed dates in the filenames of my logs. I do so using the
macro $S_DATE, which, say the date were 1/31/2000, it write it as
31jan200. Lately, I've been want to change this format to, 01.31.2000,
for directory sorting purposes. Using the following expression, I can
create a macro with the desired format:

.local date string(date(c(current_date), "dmy"), "%dN.D.Y")
.di `date'

Where I'm having trouble is with embedding this macro into the filename
of my log file. The following command complains:

.log using "logs\cr`date'", replace
invalid 'dmy'

Any syntax guru have any ideas?

Martin Rio

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