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Re: st: error message r(2000)

From   Roger Harbord <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: error message r(2000)
Date   Thu, 31 Mar 2005 13:42:40 +0100

Are you running the -count- command inside the do-file which defines `varlist'? If not (e.g. you're running it from the command-line) then `varlist' will not be defined as it's local to the do-file, and missing() with no args is always true. If `varlist' contains >1 variable then missing(`varlist') shouldn't in fact work as missing() takes a comma-separated list not a varlist:

. local varlist price mpg rep78 headroom

. di "`varlist'"
price mpg rep78 headroom

. count if ~missing(`varlist')
pricempgrep78headroom not found

. count if ~missing()


Roger Harbord
Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol

--On 31 March 2005 13:14 +0100 Ron�n Conroy <[email protected]> wrote:

louis boakye-yiadom wrote:

Dear All,
I get a "no observations" error message -r(2000)- when I execute a do
and I'm having difficulty determining what's going wrong. According to
error message, I "have requested some statistical calculation and
there are
no observations on which to perform it. Perhaps you specified if exp
or in
range and inadvertently filtered all the data." I don't understand
what is
meant by "filtered all the data". The line that generates the error
regress lnW `varlist' if migst1==0
To check whether there are actually no observations, I gave the following
command (and had the shown output):
count if migst1==0 & !mi(`varlist')

Is there a non-numeric variable in there perhaps?


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