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Re: st: outreg and multinomial logit

From   Daniel Mueller <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: outreg and multinomial logit
Date   Sun, 13 Mar 2005 20:40:06 -0500

make sure you don't have spaces in the value labels.

e.g., this will not work:
lab def mylab 1 "one two" 2 "three four"

But this will:
lab def mylab 1 "one_two" 2 "three_four"
(note the underscores!)

Hope that helps,

Alexander Nervedi wrote:
I have been trying to get outreg to work after a multi-nomial logit estimation and outreg keeps balking.
So the ordered outcome variable has three scales .. None(0), Any(1), and All(2); the base level is None. outreg keep complaing that "equation any not found"

The comand I am using is :

.mlogit y $x1 $x2, basecategory (0)
.outreg using mnl-model, 3aster bracket coefastr se replace comma
equation Any not found

My suspicion is that outred is looking to associate values (SD, Z value, P value, CI) with Any when it appears in the table as a normal output of the mlogit command, and is protesting becuase there isnt any such values.

A suggestion for a workaround would be really helpful.


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