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Re: st: no log likelihood ratio test after nbreg??

From   [email protected]
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Subject   Re: st: no log likelihood ratio test after nbreg??
Date   Thu, 10 Mar 2005 19:04:18 EST

I always use the likelihood ratio test when  evaluating which predictors to 
include in a model. During preliminary analysis  I'll accept "highly" 
significant  p-values based Z statitics (or t), but  not for fine-tuning the final 

Joe Hilbe  

thanks. I was  indeed using pweight in nbreg regression.  Then it seems the
Wald test  will be appropriate.  But I checked the STATA document and it
says:  "after the manuals were printed, we revisited this subject and
discovered  that we did not, in fact, want to include this test (Wald).  The
likelihood-ratio test is the only test that one should consider in  these
limiting cases".  So do I simply use the wald test reported above  the
coefficient table?

Thanks again.

> At 03:40 PM  3/10/2005 -0500, [email protected] wrote:
>>Hi,  all,
>>Usually there is a log likelikhood ratio test  statistics reported after a
>>negative binominal regression (I ran  possion regression first, and then
>>used 'nbreg' regression), and  sometimes the Z score for alpha is reported
>>too.  But in my  case, I didn't see the ratio reported after the
>>regression, and there  is no z score for alpha.  Then I tried to use
>>'lrtest' after the  model, but it says
>>"lrtest not valid after robust
>>specify  force option to perform test anyway".
>>So I put 'force' in  option, but it still didn't give me the result.
>>Can  anybody tell me what's going on?
> Sounds like you used the robust  option.  There is some discussion of this
> on p. 28 of the Stata 8  Survey Data Manual. It says that "pseudo-maximum
> likelihood methods"  (which get used with robust standard errors) are not
> "true likelihoods"  and hence "standard LR tests are no longer valid".
> For more, see  the FAQ "Why should I not do a likelihood-ratio test after
> an
> ML  estimation (e.g., logit, probit) with clustering or pweights?"  at
> Other related  FAQs are at
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