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st: RE: Newbie with too many variables

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Newbie with too many variables
Date   Mon, 28 Feb 2005 21:15:40 -0000

-insheet- allows a varlist. Once you've got 
it in, try -destring-. 


Robin Newberry
> So our worker's comp data are in some clunky old program (which shall 
> remain nameless here). To get it into a program where I can actually 
> do something with the data is a royal pain; it will only export the 
> entire dataset (12 years of data) and only in a comma delimited 
> format at that. And all the fields are enclosed in quotes - even the 
> numeric.
> Last time I did this (once a year I go to download only the previous 
> years WC data, only to remember that I can't) I think it took better 
> than a month to manually clean up the data to import using a text 
> editor. I'd really like to avoid that this time; in fact, I think 
> last time I imported it into SAS, cleaned it up there, then sent it 
> to Stata. A real roundabout way to get at my data.
> Anyhow, I've set my Stata memory at 1gig and used the command 
> "insheet using "/Users/wnewber/Desktop/EXPORT.TXT", comma" to import 
> it. I get a too many variables message. I forget exactly how many 
> variables this dataset has - I think 200+ (most are empty place 
> holders for fields we don't use).
> Any way to get this puppy in to Stata without sacrificing some small, 
> hapless animal to the heathen gods?

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