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st: Calling a scalar within a command.

From   "Doogar, Rajib" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Calling a scalar within a command.
Date   Thu, 24 Feb 2005 21:11:34 -0600

I want to call a scalar as an argument in a command e.g. scatter.  I have tried to run the following program:
foreach x in x1 x2 .. xn {
summ `x', d
sca `x'1  = r(p1)
sca `x'99 = r(p99)
sca list
scatter ta `x', xline(scalar(`x1') scalar(`x99')) saving(`x', replace) 
scatter ta `x' if `x'>=scalar(`x1') & `x'<=scalar(`x99'), xline(scalar(`x1') scalar(`x99')) saving(`x't, replace)
where "scalar()" indicates the places I want to call scalars.  Needless to say, this does not work.  
Basically, I would like to be able to store a bunch of parameters from the summarize command that I can call freely in subsequent `if' statements or in situations like the scatter command.  I cannot find the anything in the manual on calling scalars that fits this context.  Any pointers, corrections or suggestions will be a great help.
Many thanks in advance.
Rajib Doogar 

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