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st: RE: listcoef

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: listcoef
Date   Fri, 18 Feb 2005 00:13:44 -0000

You sound surprised or disappointed. 

The scope of these commands is made very clear
by the authors. 

 spostado: SPost ado files for post-estimation interpretation of regression
 models for categorical and limited dependent variables.

 Commands by J. Scott Long and Jeremy Freese. These commands will work with
 the estimation commands: clogit, cloglog, cnreg, intreg, logit, mlogit,
 nbreg, ologit, oprobit, poisson, probit, regress, tobit, zinb,
 zip, and in most cases gologit. 

In short, these commands do not apply to -svy- commands. By and 
large, -svy- imposes such considerable extra complications that
only stuff that is tailor-made for the purpose will work. 

Without knowing anything of consequence about -svy-, I 
would guess that 

. findit svy 

would point to pretty much every add-on that exists. If 
you had already tried that, then it helps to indicate
as much in a posting; conversely, a preliminary search 
for yourself is always recommended. Sorry not to be 
more positive, 


anju parthan
> When I type listcoef, help after svypoisson I get an
> error message
> listcoef does not work with models estimated with
> svypoisson
> Is there another command that I can use instead of
> listcoef with svy estimators?

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