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RE: st: -update all- fails with " not found "

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   RE: st: -update all- fails with " not found "
Date   Tue, 08 Feb 2005 11:34:48 -0500

At 09:44 AM 2/8/2005 -0600, Laurel Copeland wrote:
Thank you so much.  Sorry for posting a FAQ.  Becoming a Texan seems to have
completely discombobulated me. -Laurel
It may be a frequently asked question, but I don't think there is a FAQ written up on it, e.g. "What to do if -update all- fails." Even searching through the archives won't necessarily help you, since the error message seems to be different a lot of the time. There seems to be some sort of inherent bug in the update feature of the initial release of Stata 8, the error messages you get are misleading, and unfortunately the only apparent way to make the problem go away is to get the updates as though you didn't have Internet access.

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