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Re: st: changing display format of macro contents

From   Nick Winter <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: changing display format of macro contents
Date   Tue, 18 Jan 2005 14:27:49 -0500

This will replace beta1hat with a reformatted version:

local beta1hat : di %3.2f `beta1hat'

In general, see -whelp extended_fcn-.

Or, using the `expansion_optr' ability (see -whelp macro-) you can do it in one step:

local beta1hat : di %3.2f `=coefs[1,1]'

Or, better yet, omit the beta1hat macro altogether:

lfit y x , ///
title("Fitted line: y = `: di %3.2f `=coef[1,2]'' + `: di 3.2f `=coef[1,1]'' * x")

--Nick Winter

At 11:08 AM 1/18/2005 -0800, you wrote:

i want to fit and draw a regression line and label the line, like this:

reg y x
matrix coefs=e(b)
loc beta1hat=coefs[1,1]
loc beta0hat=coefs[1,2]

lfit y x, title("fitted line: y = `beta0hat' + `beta1hat' * x")

when i do this, i get values for the estimated coefficients displayed
with far more precision than i want.  so i want to display only, say, 2
digits after the decimal for each macro.  i wasn't able to figure out a
way to apply a display format to a macro, so i tried adding this code
before the -lfit- command:

loc beta1hat = int(`beta1hat'*100+0.5)/100
loc beta0hat = int(`beta0hat'*100+0.5)/100

this works most of the time, but sometimes i get a graph that has a
title like this:

"y = 7.84000000001 + 2.31 * x"


"y = 7.83999999999 + 2.31 * x"

i assume that the problem is the rounding doesn't work in binary all the
time.  can anyone suggest a way around this?  (obviously if i were
making a single graph, i could put the coefficients in the title by
hand, but this code is part of a larger program, so i'd like it


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