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st: RE: RE: RE: Error with -update all-

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: RE: Error with -update all-
Date   Mon, 29 Nov 2004 12:19:59 -0000

The transactions between your machine and the 
outside world are mediated by caching, i.e. 
crudely, files frequently requested can be held 
on some machine between you and their source. 

Working from a machine in Britain I frequently 
notice that Stata has issued an -update- but that
my machine can't yet see it. The delay can be of
the order of a few days. This is all to do with 
caching somewhere between me and StataCorp (in 
Atlantis, to be precise). 

In short, no bug here. 

It is true that late in the cycle of a particular release 
a total -update- can involve _lots_ of files. No 
doubt, updating could be managed quite differently; 
the way it is managed at present means that users 
type the bare minimum and need worry about 
nothing; I doubt that would be true of other 


Richard Palmer-Jones
> I often have problems with live update no matter how long I 
> set the timeouts
> - due no doubt to being in Dhaka and the failure of the GoB 
> to connect us by
> cable to the internet. 
> I download updates from 
> but
> often find that these files are updated some time after they 
> go live - e.g.
> the .ado are described today as last updated on 6th Oct 
> although "update
> query" gives 24th Nov and recommends "update ado", still 
> running with no
> download yet prompting me to turn to the ftp/html download page. 
> Moreover, this source  of .ado updates seems to include all 
> the updates
> since Stata 8 was born and this makes for a large file to 
> download which can
> also be problematic - is it too much to ask to have different 
> .ado updates
> according to the last update on your PC?
> Richard
> ps - update ado tells me that I am up to date, 
> notwithstanding my ados being
> reported as only up to 6/10 - some bug perhaps?

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