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RE: st: tabulate results -> Excel

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Subject   RE: st: tabulate results -> Excel
Date   Tue, 23 Nov 2004 14:57:03 -0500

I've once asked that question and Nick Cox pointed me to matcell(M) option
and them "mat li M" which is copiable as text in Excel.
Another option is the "tabstat, long save" and the "tabstatmat" commands.
Hope this helps.

tab X Y, matcell(M)
tabstat X Y, c(...) long save
ret li
matrix M=r(Statot, r(Stat1, ...)
mat li M

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If you don't mind the headings getting messed up, you can use tabulate, then
select the table and use the "copy table" option.This will more ore less
paste correctly into excel.

al Feiveson

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Subject: Re: st: tabulate results -> Excel

At 17:00 23/11/2004, Kit Baum wrote:
>Posting for my colleague Peter Gottschalk:
>I have a bunch of crosstabs (from tabulate) that need to be turned into
>tables in an excel spreadsheet. Is there a way of outputing the contents
>of tabulate to a file?

A possibility is to use -xcontract-, downloadable from SSC, instead of
-tabulate-. If you type

tempfile tf1 tf2 tf3
xcontract y, saving(`tf1', replace) freq(rowfreq) percent(rowpct)
xcontract x, saving(`tf2', replace) freq(colfreq) percent(colpct)
xcontract x y, saving(`tf3', replace) freq(cellfreq) percent(cellpct)
use `tf3', clear
merge x using `tf2'
sort y x
merge y using `tf1'
sort x y

then you should have a dataset in memory with 1 observation per cell and
x, y, rowfreq, rowpct, colfreq, colpct, cellfreq and cellpct, containing
the x-values and y-values and also the row, column and cell frequencies and
percents. This dataset can be further reprocessed using -reshape-, if Peter
wants a dataset with 1 observation per row instead of a dataset with 1
observation per cell. The final dataset can be output to a text spreadsheet
file using the official Stata command -outsheet-.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes


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