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st: VS: RE: mlogit with constraints

From   "Vartia, Niini" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: VS: RE: mlogit with constraints
Date   Fri, 12 Nov 2004 13:06:47 +0100

Thank you for your suggestion, Scott. However, it did not solve my problem since the comparison group was already multi==1. So, I still do not know what causes the message: redundant or inconsistent constraints.
I tried the following set-up of the constraints and these constraints seem to work in the estimation. However, I am not sure whether this is what I want, i.e. to constrain some of the coefficients related to the explanatory variables to be zero. In this case the constrained coefficient is dropped from the equation.
constraint define 1 [3] L2debt

constraint define 2 [2]  debttoas23

constraint list
     1:  [3] L2debt
     2:  [2]  debttoas23
I would be grateful for any help with the constraints. I would like to know what is the difference between setting up coinstraints like above and my original constraints:  constraint 1 [3] L2debt=0 and constraint 2 [2]  debttoas23=0?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


-----Alkuperäinen viesti----- 
Lähettäjä: Scott Merryman [mailto:[email protected]] 
Lähetetty: to 11.11.2004 22:43 
Vastaanottaja: [email protected] 
Aihe: st: RE: mlogit with constraints

	I suspect you have defined a constraint for the base category (either
	equation 2 or 3).  You could use the basecategory(#) option to change the
	value of dependent variable that is treated as the base category.
	Hope this helps,
	> -----Original Message-----
	> From: [email protected] [mailto:owner-
	> [email protected]] On Behalf Of Vartia, Niini
	> Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2004 7:56 AM
	> To: [email protected]
	> Subject: st: mlogit with constraints
	> Dear Statalisters,
	> I trying to estimate a multinomial model with categorical dependent
	> variable (multi) taking values 1,2 and 3. I would like to constrain some
	> of the coefficients related to the explanatory variables to be zero. After
	> defining the following constraints and estimating mlogit model I get the
	> message below:
	> constraint define 1 [3] L2debt=0
	> constraint define 2 [2]  debttoas23=0
	>  mlogit multi bktvolkasvu avhelieuribor m2togdp invr3 wint3 capint3
	> exint3tot3
	> prcosttot3 glvtot3 rdint1 tplkmyr ika loghenk forown L2profit fixtotot
	> debt
	> toas23 L2debt logcov, cluster(yrtunnew) constraints(1-2)
	> redundant or inconsistent constraints
	> r(412)
	> I must be doing something wrong when specifying the constraints. I Would
	> really be grateful for help in setting up the constraints.
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