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RE: st: Hierarchical divisive clustering with Stata?

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Subject   RE: st: Hierarchical divisive clustering with Stata?
Date   Mon, 08 Nov 2004 09:12:25 -0600

Herve Stolowy <[email protected]> asks:

> To my knowledge, the cluster commands of Stata perform a
> hierarchical agglomerative clustering.
> I would like to perform a hierarchical divisive (or descending)
> clustering. Do you know if there is special command for that in
> Stata?

Stata's -cluster- command does not include any divisive
hierarchical clustering routines.  The reason is that for all but
very small datasets (small N) the computational time of divisive
methods is unreasonable.

The "[CL] Cluster Analysis" manual mentions this and points
out that while algomerative methods have a large task of


possible first combinations of observations, divisive methods
have the almost impossible task of checking

    2^(N-1) - 1

possible first divisions of the data.  For aglomerative methods
the computational burden grows quadratically with N.  For
divisive methods it grows exponentially.

The formulas for N above are just for the first aglomeration or
division.  Each additional step of clustering follows along

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