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re: st: Printing graphs to pdf under program control

From   [email protected]
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Subject   re: st: Printing graphs to pdf under program control
Date   Wed, 13 Oct 2004 10:00:11 +0200


Let me not answer your question, but suggest an alternative route to
producing PDF graphs. It is using the command line programme -epstopdf- (a
google search will point you to download sites). For the sake of laziness,
I just quote a message I posted on Statalist in November 2003:

(See the whole thread on )


However, under Windows, I've used the command-line converter -epstopdf-
(available in most LaTeX distributions I believe) without any problem. That
is: I export my Stata graph to EPS, call the external command -epstopdf- to
convert it to PDF, and the PDF file can be imported and PDFLaTeX-ed without
a glitch.

This can be done a one-step procedure with the following programme. Use
-grexportpdf using ... - instead of the official -graph export ...-

Best wishes


*! grexportpdf 1.0, Ph.Van Kerm, Aug-2003
* this command exports current graph to PDF (requires epstopdf installed!!)
*  grexportpdf using path/filename
  cap pr drop grexportpdf
  pr def grexportpdf
    version 8
    syntax using/
    loc using = subinstr("`using'",".pdf","",.)
    gr export "`using'.eps" , replace
    !epstopdf "`using'.eps"
    erase "`using'.eps"


I hope this helps.


Dr. Philippe Van Kerm
IRISS - Integrated Research Infrastructure in the
Socio-Economic Sciences
BP48, L-4501 Differdange, Luxembourg
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