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st: RE: RE: Sqaure root + the Hausman test

From   "Alexander Severinsen" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Sqaure root + the Hausman test
Date   Thu, 7 Oct 2004 12:41:49 +0200

Hi Statalisters,
That square root diameter was puzzling, but after some "googling" it
seems that the square root of a diameter can be used to compare
binoculars, e.g. magnification * square root of diameter = "Astro
Index". :)

I am also curious about the Hausman test. I am doing an econometrics
paper this semester. I use Stata, and everyone else, including the
lecturer, use SAS. We have been comparing an xtreg fixed effect and a
random effects model. I come out with a Hausman test statistic = 31.75,
and SAS gives 28.35. Is it possible that such a difference can be due to
rounding error, or should this be further investigated? I would
appreciate any comments on this.
Best wishes,

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Subject: st: RE: Sqaure root

Other people provided the syntax answer. 

Perhaps you just made this example up, but 

* in any case I would always recommend
using appropriate variable names. "square" 
is not a good name for a square root variable. 

* I don't know what meaning is to be attached
to the square root of a diameter. 

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[email protected]
> I am a beginning stat major, and I am trying to figure out 
> how to command the 
> stata program to take the square root of a data set, after I 
> have already infiled some data.
> I typed:
> gen square = sqrt{diameter}
> but it doesnt work 
> it says sqrt not found.
> does anyone know the command? 

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