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RE: st: Can we change tick level for Y-axis?

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: Can we change tick level for Y-axis?
Date   Mon, 4 Oct 2004 16:27:08 +0100

Let me rephrase my point. I was guessing 
that part of the reason why you spent 
2 hours looking for a solution was that 
you were thinking in terms of axis ticks. 

Once you learn that the right heading is
that of axis labels, then you are on 
the right track. 

As said, Stata's terminology in terms 
of a distinction 

	axis ticks = ticks only 
	axis labels = ticks + text 

is perhaps idiosyncratic (at least 
some other software talks about 
"labels" to mean their equivalent 
of Stata's axis titles), but it's
been that way for a while. Of 
course, that's immaterial to 
people new to Stata. 

Leo Rosten once explained that
he had written a book because 
he wanted to read it. It's true
that quite a few users have 
ended up writing brief 
guides to Stata, and the common 
rationale is that they wanted 
their students or colleagues to read it. 
Nevertheless I suspect that Rosten's 
motive is not singular. 

[email protected] 

Lim, Nelson
> Thanks, Nick. I must say Michael's Guide, Svend's 
> Introduction, and your
> columns help. 
> But to say that "Stata's been consistent on that since the 
> late 1980s,"
> is like saying all you need to learn English is read the OED, since it
> is quite consistent in describing English words since 1879. :-)
Nick Cox
> This is explained and documented under -axis label options-. 
> In the manual, see the section [G] axis_label_options; on-line 
> see
> whelp axis_label_options 
> or 
> whelp axis label options 
> in an -update-d Stata. 
> One key is know where to look is to realise that tick options 
> are options like -xtick()- and -ytick()- but labelled tick options 
> are options like -xlabel()- and -ylabel()-. Stata's been consistent 
> on that since the late 1980s. 

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