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st: stata under X11

From   stephen brown <>
Subject   st: stata under X11
Date   Wed, 29 Sep 2004 17:13:10 -0400

I normally run stata on a unix machine that I access using X11 (an
Xwindows client running on a Mac, similar to using a a Wintel machine
with Exceed.)

Most of the time I am happy running with stata in terminal mode. But
if I should want to see a graph occasionally, then under stata6 and
stata7, graphs are readily available.

Running stata8, this appears not to be the case. It seems that to get
any graphic capability at all, I have to invoke xstata (rather than
stata). But this program is so graphically intensive (like SAS) that
everything to do with stata is horribly slow - especially if I am
working from home over a DSL line.

Am I missing something? i.e. is there a way in the terminal type
version of stata8 to get the graphic window back on an "as and when
required " basis - as it was in previous versions?


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