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st: RE: generating one twoway graph using by

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: generating one twoway graph using by
Date   Fri, 24 Sep 2004 15:34:30 +0100

Good news: There are various ways to do this. 

One is that if your data are well behaved this 
should work: 

. sort PID idate 
. line ivalue idate, connect(L) 

Another is to -tsset- these data and use -xtline-. 

. tsset PID idate 
. xtline ivalue, overlay legend(off) ... 

Another is to download -linkplot- from SSC: 

. ssc inst linkplot 
. linkplot ivalue idate, link(PID) 

-linkplot- has other uses besides this problem; 
the other solutions, however, may or should work 
with time series data, as yours evidently are. 


Daniel Egan
> I am trying to make a line plot of many individuals values over time
> in one graph. I am hoping that there is someway to shortcut around the
> syntax of -twoway- using -by- such that I do not need to specify all
> individuals (I have nearly 200).
> I started with 
> twoway (line ivalue idate, by(PID))
> but that gave 200 individual graphs.
> so did 
> twoway (line ivalue idate), by(PID)
> but that gave the same thing. 
> I am hoping to avoid needing to write
> twoway (line ivalue idate if PID==1) (line ivalue idate if 
> PID==2) ......
> Should I stop hopeing, and start writing?

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