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st: various changes on SSC

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: various changes on SSC
Date   Wed, 15 Sep 2004 19:46:12 +0100

Thanks to the redoubtable Kit Baum, various 
packages of mine have been added to or 
revised on SSC. 

All these require Stata 8. To install 
or replace, please use -ssc-. 

-mylabels- (revised) 

Richard Campbell asked a question for which my 
answer centred on the use of -mylabels-. His 
example was a lot better than that previously 
featured in the help, so I've added it to 
the help. 

-scat3- (new!) 

-scat3- is a port to Stata 8 of a program -gr3- 
by Bill Gould which offers crude 3-dimensional 
graphics (his words, and mine too). Neither 
contours, nor perspective (wireframe) views, are 
produced, but projections of 3D scatter plots 
on to a plane. 

-gr3- was published in STB-2 in 1991 and 
revised in STB-12 in 1993. It has been (partially) 
broken since Stata 3.1 (although the work-around 
for that was not difficult) and it always had 
a small but noticeable cosmetic problem of 
marginal axis labels and ticks which needed 
Stage to be employed for removal. (Stage was 
the Stata Techies' Amiable Graph Editor, or 
some similar acronym or abbreviation.) 

Porting this was a lot of fun, re-discovering 
the syntax of Stata 2.1 and wondering how best
to map the clever Gould tricks of 1991 into 
mundane version 8 -graph- tricks of 2004. 

Be assured that having ported this, I have 
no plans to add any major bells or whistles, 
but it is there for play if it suits. I 
guess that Bill would say the same. 

-tabcount- (revised) 

Hildegard Schaeper found a bug and suggested
the fix. 

Thanks therefore to Richard Campbell, Bill 
Gould and Hildegard Schaeper whose work 
underlies these changes. 


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