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Re: st: Meta-analysis of rates?

From   Tom Trikalinos <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Meta-analysis of rates?
Date   Tue, 14 Sep 2004 12:50:34 +0300


Meta-analysis of proportions may be a bit tricky. You can do it in STATA, though, using e.g. _meta_.
1. One way is to use the Freeman-Tukey arcsin transform to stabilize variances:
Let "n" be the nominator and "N" the denominator for the proportion.
Then p=n/N.
- if n=0 & N<50, compute p as p = 1/(4*N)
- if n=N & N<50, compute p as p = (n-0.25)/N

The effect size would be "pTransformed"
. gen pTransformed = asin(sqrt(n/(N+1))) + asin(sqrt((n+1)/(N+1))) // which is about the same as ". gen Theta = 2* asin(sqrt(n/N))" for large n, N

The SE would be:
. gen SEpTransf = sqrt(1/(N+1))

. meta pTransformed SEpTransf // select the proper options for meta-analysis, or for the forrest plot

Then you can transform the Summary estimate and the CI boundaries back to proportions using

gen AnyProportion = (sin(AnyPTransformed / 2))^2

2. Another way (provided that proportions are not really close to 0 or 1, and that N is large) is to compute a sample size-weighted summary as
pSummary = sum(n)/sum(N), where the variance would be sqrt(pSummary*(1-pSummary)/sum(N)).

You can make the forrest plot manually. You assume no heterogeneity.

Hope this helps.


On Sep 13, 2004, at 9:47 PM, Sona Saha wrote:


Is anyone familiar with any routines or commands in STATA that allow for a meta-analysis of rates?

The metan, meta and metacum commands require 2 groups for analysis. Ideally, I would very much like to pool these rates with options for random or fixed effects models, evaluating heterogeneity and the ability to create Forrest plots. However, I have not found a routine that will take data for just one group per study. If you have any suggestions or advice that would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


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