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RE: st: blabel(group) for bar graphs

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: blabel(group) for bar graphs
Date   Mon, 13 Sep 2004 10:50:47 +0100

If -graph bar- doesn't show the flexibility you want 
one option is to knit your own with -twoway bar-. 

Here is a long way round: 

collapse (mean) headroom trunk, by(foreign) 
gen foreign1 = foreign - 0.1
gen foreign2 = foreign + 0.1
gen max = max(headroom, trunk) 
twoway bar headroom foreign1 , barwidth(0.2) 
    || bar trunk foreign2 , barwidth(0.2) 
    || scatter max foreign , ms(none) mlabel(foreign) mlabpos(12) xla(none)  


Håkon Finne
> Thanks for the suggestion, Phil; but no; I actually want the 
> group name and not the variable name (because I later want to 
> remove the label on the category axis due to space 
> considerations). The problem is that the group label is 
> incorrect once there is more than one yvar.

Philip Ryan
> By specifying -blabel(group)- you have asked Stata to label 
> the bars with 
> the value labels of the first (and in your case, only)  
> over()  variable, 
> that is, foreign.
> Specifying -blabel(name)- will get you closer to what I think 
> you want.
> see help graph -- bar --blabel_options

Håkon Finne
> the admittedly nonsensical example below,
> sysuse auto, clear
> graph bar headroom trunk, over(foreign) blabel(group)
> will produce bar labels inconsistent with labels on the 
> category axis. 
> What have I done to make all cars domestic?
> One should also think it possible to reproduce this behavior with
> graph hbar headroom trunk, over(foreign) blabel(group)
> and yet another surprise -- have I suddenly moved abroad?

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