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Re: st: outtex and append

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   Re: st: outtex and append
Date   Thu, 09 Sep 2004 15:37:15 +0100

At 11:36 09/09/2004, Henrik Andersson wrote:
Dear Statalist,

my colleagues who use outreg to produce tables for, for example, Word, have shown me that they can use the command append togethter with outreg to produce one table with results from different regressions. I use outtex and wonder if there is a similar way to produce a table for LaTex with results from different regressions? Today I run outtex twice if I have two regressions and then copy and paste.
An alternative way to create a single TeX/LaTeX table with results from different regressions is to use -parmest-, -dsconcat- and -listtex-, all downloadable from SSC. These programs use the resultsset approach, where the user creates a Stata dataset with 1 observation per table row, and then outputs it to a TeX/LaTeX form using -listtex-. To download 2 papers on the resultsset approach from inside Stata, type

findit enduser

to download my 2003 paper, and type

findit resultsset

to download my handout for the 2004 UK Stata User Meeting.

I hope this helps.


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