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RE: st: Scheme error message

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Scheme error message
Date   Wed, 8 Sep 2004 18:49:42 +0100

Constantine Daskalakis

> >Schemes haven't been documented yet for good reasons,
> >because they are not yet stable. That is, StataCorp
> >are following the logic Constantine mentions. They
> >don't want to provide documentation which will then
> >later be broken. However, scheme documentation was
> >promised at the Boston meeting as coming pretty soon.
> This is incorrect Nick. Perhaps you have not read the 
> graphics manual as 
> carefully as I have. There are plenty of graphics options that are 
> documented in the manual. I can give a huge list. Also, and 
> more to the 
> point, quoting from the manual, "Making your own scheme" [G, p.470]:

I don't regard schemes as _fully_ documented. 
That's what I should have said. I was aware 
that they are mentioned in the graphics manual, 
which I must read carefully some day.
> >Also, freezing Stata between releases, apart from
> >fixes, commits StataCorp to elephantine pregnancies
> >and deprives keen users of lots of nice things in the
> >interim. Just witness how interested several people are
> >in the enhancements to -ci, binomial-.
> Again, some caution in revisions does not take us to 
> "elephantine pregnancy"!
> And there is a huge difference between adding features (-ci, 
> binomial-) and 
> changing basic things (color schemes).

Glad you don't mind features being added.  

> It's all nice and well for people like you who are really 
> into Stata and 
> for people who never bother with manuals and simply ask "how 
> do I do this?" 
> for every little question they have. But what about the ones 
> in the middle 
> who really try to figure things out from the documentation?

Good question. I always keep referring from the -whatsnew- section, 
which makes clear what's been added since release, and so 
will not be covered in the manual. 


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