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Re: st: RE: meaning of _result(#) in stata.

Subject   Re: st: RE: meaning of _result(#) in stata.
Date   Tue, 7 Sep 2004 14:19:34 -0400

Ok Nick,
I got it.

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No need for shame or even embarrassment.
-_result()- is oldstyle.

However, apart from rummaging in used-book
stores for old manuals, it is best to reverse
engineer the meaning from a comparison of
-disp_res- and -ret li- or -eret li-.


> I am ashamed to ask this but is there any paper or file that
> describes the
> complete meaning of _result() followed by a number?
> I know some concern mean, variance, etc.
> I also know that stata has new syntax for them through the
> e(name) r(name) etc
> capabilities.
> But sometimes, when reading old programs, I would like to
> know the exact meaning of the macro.
> Where can I find an exhaustive explanation for these macros?

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