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st: NHIS data, SVYLOGIT, and Subpopulations

From   Marisa Wilson <>
Subject   st: NHIS data, SVYLOGIT, and Subpopulations
Date   Tue, 07 Sep 2004 13:01:29 -0400

Dear List:

I have a perplexing dilema that someone on this list may have
encountered before.  I am using National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)
data for a secondary data analysis for my dissertation.  I need to run
several logisitic regressions.  The data that I need is actually a
subsample of the total data set (those 65 years of age and over and with
at least on functional limitation).

I have the entire data set in Stata (all 97,000 or so respondents - all
ages and functional limitations).  I tried to run the first logistic
regression (SVYLOGIT)  after doing SVYSET.  I put in an IF statement so
that the analysis would be done on only those 65 yrs of age and over and
with at least 1 functional limitation.  I get "stratum with only one PSU
r(460)".  I loaded the entire data set from the go get because I was
getting this error with the subpopulation.

Any suggestions as to how I can run SVYLOGIT on only those people 65 +
and with atleast on functional limitation and not get thos error?

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