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st: RE: RE: statalist-digest V4 #1358

From   "David Harrison" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: statalist-digest V4 #1358
Date   Fri, 3 Sep 2004 13:38:18 +0100

The default behaviour of StatTransfer (in v7 at least) is to change all variable names to lower case - if you are getting upper case variable names then you probably have "Preserve name and label case if possible" checked in the StatTransfer options (I don't know that there is a command line switch for this).

Alternatively the variable names can be converted to lower case by 3 lines of Stata code (provided the lower case names would be unique)...

foreach v of varlist _all {
    ren `v' `=lower("`v'")'


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From: Ann E Fitzmaurice []
Sent: 03 September 2004 13:10
Subject: st: RE: statalist-digest V4 #1358

This has been asked before

I am using stat transfer to transfer spss files into stata .dta and the
variable names all come over in capitals, is there a way to create the
stata file with the variable names in lower case

Thanks for your help



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