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st: nofill in graph box ... , over() - please disregard

Subject   st: nofill in graph box ... , over() - please disregard
Date   Wed, 1 Sep 2004 12:25:33 -0400

I had misread the documentation.  The nofill option belongs outside the
over() as it is a group_option not an over_subopts.

I love all the new graph functionalities but the syntax can bite if you read
too fast!  All those cross-references...

-----I originally wrote-----

Specifying the -nofill- suboption as in

	graph box ..., over( ..., nofill )

results in a syntax error, yet this sub_option is documented in -help
graph_box- under the group_options section.  E.g.:

. sysuse nlsw88
(NLSW, 1988 extract)

. graph box wage, over(ind, nofill) by(smsa)
option nofill not allowed
invalid syntax
invalid syntax
invalid syntax
invalid syntax

Looking at the data (-tab ind smsa-), there is only one empty categories for
smsa==0 which makes the -nofill- option virtually irrelevant but I am just
giving this example to reproduce the error. In my data, not all categories
of the over() variable appear within the by() variable so I would like to
use -, nofill- to omit those.

Patrick Joly
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