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Re: Re: st: Re: destringing

From   "Christian Holz" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   Re: Re: st: Re: destringing
Date   Sat, 28 Aug 2004 21:24:04 +0200

Dear Suzy,
just a short answer to your follow up question:

> Since the majority of the datapoints are actually numeric rather than
> there a way for me to modify the 11 variable (dxcodes
> and procodes) from string to numeric  and then modify the alpha-numeric
> datapoints within that variable to be read as either a string or numeric
> (I don't care which as long as it can be read)... and as the other
> gentlemen had stated - it's probably best to retain the code as is
> rather than drop the dashes and alphabets.

(1) to convert the numeric variables to string variables just
    use the "tostring" command. [ tostring (dxcode1), replace ]
(2) to convert the string variables to numeric ones, you have to make sure
    BEFORE, that all strings in that variable do not contain any other
    characters but digits. When stata tries to "destring" a string like
    "V1234" or "1234-" it has no clue what to do with the "V" or "-" and
    therefor puts a missing there.
    If the "V" or "-" does not contain any information which is important
    for you, you can just use the code which I posted earlier today and
    which removes everything like non-numeric ("V"s and "-"s) before
    destringing the variable. Thus, it makes "V1234" to 1234 and
    "1234-" also to 1234 (even "a1b2c3d4" leads to 1234)
    To use this code, you have to copy it to the dofile editor and run
Best wishes,

Kind regards,

Christian Holz
Research Analyst       |  HBS Consulting GmbH Germany
tel: +49 341 215 4549  |  Tomasiusstrasse 2, D-04109 Leipzig
fax: +49 341 215 4521  |
cell +49 172 792 3672  |  [email protected]

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