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Re: st: More unpublicised dialog commands

From   [email protected] (James Hassell)
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: More unpublicised dialog commands
Date   Thu, 26 Aug 2004 14:24:43 -0500

Roger Newson wrote:
>I now have another query about dialogs (which I also raised with Vince, who
>referred me to James). The official Stata dialog file -efunction.dlg-
>contains another unpublicised command, namely EXP, which appears to specify
>an expression button, which, if clicked on, causes an expression pallette
>to open, allowing the user to create (and graph) an expression by pointing
>and clicking. (Users can type -db efunction- to demonstrate this.) What is
>the syntax of the EXP command? And how many more unpublicised dialog
>commands are there?

EXP (expression control) takes the following options in addition to
the normal position arguments.


Unless I am mistaken, the only undocumented controls available to the
dialog system are the expression builder (EXP) and the custom color
picker (COLOR).

I have inserted example code for the expression builder below.


POSITION . . 400 300

HELP hlp1, view("help someHelpFile")
RESET res1
OK ok1, label("OK")
CANCEL can1, label("Cancel")
SUBMIT submit1, label("Submit")

DIALOG main, label("Test dialog") tabtitle("Main")
	EXP  ex_name 10 10 300 .,			///
		label("Create")				///
		error("Error message here")		///
		default(x < 10)				///
		option(my expression)			///
		buttonwidth(130)			///
		onchange(script my_script)


-- James
[email protected]
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