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Now I am trying to replace the 1 value with
. replace stratum  =  2 in ....

I guess I have to list the obsevations....1, 530, 591 etc etc to

I hope this works.

thanks for your assistance

>>> [email protected] 8/23/2004 5:41:22 PM >>>
Hi Marisa,

An explanation of this problem is on the Stata Web site: 

You might try collapsing PSUs and strata so every stratum has at least
PSUs, i.e., use -svydes- to identify the problematic PSUs/strata, then
manually create new PSU/strata variables.

Alternatively, you might try -idonepsu-. (To find it in net-aware
type -webseek idonepsu-.)


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Subject: st: STATA and NHIS data - Elementary Question

I am relatively new STATA user so forgive the naivete of my question to
August users group.

I using the 2002 NHIS data and STATA 7 to do logistic regression
for my dissertation analysis.  I need to use svylogit and svyset for
weight, strata and psu variables.  However, I get a
r(460) error due to stratum with only one PSU encountered.  In svydes,
I do
have several psus with entires of 1.

Is there any way around this?

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