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RE: st: RE: xi3 & postgr3 graph options

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: RE: xi3 & postgr3 graph options
Date   Tue, 17 Aug 2004 14:51:03 +0100

Not at all. I find it very difficult 
to wrap my head around stories for all 
but simple interactions. (Just saying e.g. 
that "race, age and sex interact" is a 
description, not an explanation, for example.) 
Some people are lucky enough to work in fields 
in which there is relevant theory. 

This is all a matter of statistical style -- 
and statistical naivete (add accents there
to taste) -- and nothing to 
do with e.g. programming experience. 

More importantly, you are touching on 
a perennial issue, which is why and which
user-written programs should be adopted 
as part of official Stata. The criteria 
that a user-written program are (a) well done 
and (b) key to some users are 
necessary but not sufficient... 

[email protected] 

David Airey

> > Although the help file seems not to mention it, -xi3- is by
> > Michael Mitchell and Phil Ender of UCLA, and -postgr3-
> > is by Michael Mitchell.
> >
> > Neither appears to be a member of Statalist at present,
> > so I'd recommend them emailing them directly for support.
> >
> > I've not used either program myself, being among the very
> > simple-minded souls whose needs are met by -xi-.
> >
> > Nick
> > [email protected]
> Thanks. You are missing out, then. I emailed Dr. Mitchell directly as 
> well. Compared to R, Stata modeling statements make you work 
> too hard. 
> For simpler tasks with only two-way interactions, xi is useful, but 
> even here it would be improved by access to the various 
> coding schemes 
> available. Postgr3 is like your anovaplot program but works with most 
> Stata estimators. When coupled with xi3, which allows 3rd order 
> interactions and all the various regression coding schemes (effect, 
> helmert, adjacent, etc.), postgr3 makes graphical interpretation more 
> rapid, more consistent, and for me, more pleasurable. My 
> guess is that 
> your "simple-mindedness" is made possible by your deeper 
> experience and coding skill.

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