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st: updates on SSC

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: updates on SSC
Date   Mon, 16 Aug 2004 22:55:10 +0100

Thanks to Kit Baum, various packages have been updated
on SSC: 

-triplot- (Stata 8) 

-triplot- draws triangular plots. Among other 
changes is a fix to a problem reported on 
Statalist by Friederich Huebler in January. 
This was fixed in my own version but by 
an oversight not made public before now. 
At least as far as I'm aware no one else has 
been bitten since by this problem since then. 

-psbayes- (Stata 8) 

I made a slight change to this program 
for what has been called pseudo-Bayes smoothing 
and while so doing brought program and help
file up to date to Stata 8. 

At the same time, a previous version 
accessible to Stata 6 or Stata 7 users 
is also included in the same package as -psbayes6-, 
but is otherwise frozen henceforth. 

Similarly, the -triplot- package includes
a -triplot6-, the "6" being interpretable 
in the same way. 

As Stata grows, it should be possible 
to sustain two name numbering conventions 
simultaneously. That is 

-foo-, -foo2-, -foo3-, etc. are 
successive versions of, or variants 
of, -foo-. (Often, although not 
always, these are unofficial variants
on official commands.) 

-foo6-, -foo7-, -foo8-, etc. are 
versions of -foo- made available by 
user-programmers for those still on 
previous versions of Stata. The 
degree of support, and the chance
that they will be maintained, varies
from zero upwards. 

Still, for every rule there is a good
reason to do otherwise, as -matin4- 
and -matout4- illustrate. 

[email protected] 

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