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st: Q1 graphs notes command and Q2 the stata trademark

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Subject   st: Q1 graphs notes command and Q2 the stata trademark
Date   Tue, 10 Aug 2004 11:13:29 -0400

hello statalist,

two brief (i believe) questions regarding graphs that i would appreciate
some assistance with:

1. i'd like to have a separate ' "note" 's at both the bottom left and the
bottom right of the graph box. i can't get the language right and am
probably missing  guidance in my review of the manuals/resources. any

and the second question...

2. it appears that some graphs, depending on type and style commands, is
generated with the stata trademark. is this possible to include in the graph
by choice? sometimes i would like to include it and would like to know how.

the command i'm using is the following:

graph dot (count) new, over(job_titl, sort(1) label(labsize(tiny))) mark(1,
msymbol(circle) msize(small)) linetype(line) lines( lcolor(cranberry)
lpattern(solid) lwidth(thin) ) ytitle("Count", size(medium))
ylabel(0(100)500, grid gmax gmin glwidth(medthin) glcolor(dkgreen)
glpattern(solid) nogextend) title("Job Placement Count by Job Title/Field",
span) subtitle("(May 2004)", span) note("(Source: OPRAA: Job Placements in
May 2004 w/ FIA3A Information  = n =  or % of Total Self-Reported
Placements)", size(vsmall) span justification(left))
graphregion(lcolor(black) lwidth(medthin))

thank you

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