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st: twoway by_option subtitle formatting

From   Roger Harbord <[email protected]>
To   Statalist <[email protected]>
Subject   st: twoway by_option subtitle formatting
Date   Sat, 07 Aug 2004 10:36:28 +0100

How can I persuade -graph twoway-'s -by- option to respect the formatting of the by-variable?

An example :

. sysuse auto
(1978 Automobile Data)

. describe gear_ratio

storage display value
variable name type format label variable label
gear_ratio float %6.2f Gear Ratio

. twoway scatter price mpg if gear_ratio <2.5, by(gear_ratio )

The first subgraph's subtitle is not "2.19" as i'd expect but "2.190000057220459". The fact that gear_ratio has format %6.2f is being ignored. One work-around is to convert it to a string:

. gen gear_ratio_str = string(gear_ratio, "%6.2f")
. twoway scatter price mpg if gear_ratio <2.6, by(gear_ratio_str )

However in general the stringed version of a number will have a different sort order so the ordering of the subgraphs may not be what i want - doesn't affect this example but does in my real application. The only solution I can think of is to label each value with its value - considerable extra hassle. Is there a simpler way?

(I'm using Stata 8.2 for Windows, updated to 27 Jul 2004.)

Roger Harbord mailto:[email protected]
Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol

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