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st: Treatreg - Calculating Program Impact

From   [email protected] (Scott A. Neslin)
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Treatreg - Calculating Program Impact
Date   03 Aug 2004 13:49:49 EDT

I am running a Treatreg model and want to calculate the impact of =
the program.

1.  The Stata References S-Z manual lists a formula for E(Y|Z=3D1) =
- E(Y|Z=3D0).  Does anyone know of papers that have used this =

2.  What would be the justification of using this formula instead =
of ATE or TTE as appears in Heckman, Tobias, and Vytlacil (Review =
of Econ and Stat August 2003)?

Scott Neslin
Tuck School of Business
Dartmouth College
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