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st: Competing Cause Mortality

Subject   st: Competing Cause Mortality
Date   Wed, 2 Jun 2004 07:20:37 -0500

I am trying to do an analysis of competing-cause mortality. I have a
mortality dataset where I have death (yes/no) and among those who died,
whether it was a specific type of death (yes/no).

Initially, I used stset with any-cause death as my failure, then repeated
the analysis with type-specific death as failure. I've been told that's
incorrect, because it treats those who died from another cause as just being
censored, and doesn't allow me to examine whether my exposure of interest
also increases the non-specific cause of death. I was told I need to do
competing-cause mortality, to see how my exposure impacts both the
type-specific and the other causes of death.

I found information on competing risk analysis at, but it appears to be a
different situation because my failures are mutually exclusive.

Any suggestions?

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