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st: RE: RE: How to generate preceding dates from a particular date

Subject   st: RE: RE: How to generate preceding dates from a particular date
Date   Wed, 14 Apr 2004 18:52:26 -0400


Actually, what I am looking for is how to identify all the past weekending
data sets from a particular reference date. 

I have an ado file like the following:

prog def rptflex
version 7
set more 1
pause on
  args mmddyy 
  insheet using Q:\DS5\BILL.WE`mmddyy'.csv, comma clear
  tempfile tmp; save `tmp', replace;
If I type rptflex 041004, I use weekending 041004 data set and then would
like to bring all the data sets for past 9 months, which are by weekending
dates. My question is how to create a series of weekending dates (always
Saturday) from the current date, in this case, it is 041004 (April 10,
2004). I would like to bring the preceding weekending data sets which are
for weekending 040304 (BILL.WE040304) and then 032704 (BILL.WE032704) and so
on till end of 9 months and compare with the current data (merge and
subsequently, append the changes).

Hope this clarifies my question. Is something like this attainable in STATA?

Thank you for your kind help.


Pinaki Mitra

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From: Nick Cox [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 6:14 PM
Subject: st: RE: How to generate preceding dates from a particular date

If I understand this correctly, you have 
one dataset in memory, say 

. use data041004 

and observations are for people (say),  
with some identifier variable. If an 
identifier, say 

"William W. Gould, President"

exists in that dataset, you want to know 
if there are observations in other datasets 
with the same identifier. 

If this is the right description, you can do very 
little unless you combine these datasets into one, 
presumably with -append-. Stata can tell you 
some basic things about datasets not in memory, 
such as what variables they contain, but it 
will say nothing about individual observations. 
No local macro will help on this. 


> I have data by weekending dates where weekending is always 
> Saturday. For
> example, data sets go by data041004, data040304, data032704, 
> etc. When I use
> any particular data set, I would like to check with past 9 
> months of weekly
> data and see if any of the current records exists in previous 
> data sets. I
> would like to get any help on how to create the series of proceeding
> weekending dates. I tried to create a local variable with the current
> weekending date but couldn't convert it to date format and 
> subsequently, any
> preceding dates. 

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