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Re: st: ...stepwise regression...

Subject   Re: st: ...stepwise regression...
Date   Tue, 13 Apr 2004 11:48:35 +0200


Prior research and/or theoretical rationales and/or common wisdom are three
much used sources for selecting independent variables in a regeression

Remember Leamer's labelling of stepwise regression-- a.k.a. unwise


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Nick, many thanks for your help.
I have read the FAQ file on Stata Site. I share their (Harrel & Conroy)
view on this point, but I have to set a interpretation model of a dipendent
variable and I have more than 500 indipendent variables. I have select the
more correlate variables but I need a procedure to select the most
If I don't apply the sw linear regression I don't know how select the
variables. I have to do.
But the procedure in Stata doesn't correspond to the model I studied in
many manuals. In particular, the sw procedure should go forward and back
but in Stata I don't see the different between the sw and the forward or
backward simple selections.
If I don't use the sw procedure, how select the variables??

Many many thanks.

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