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Correction to Ada (Was Re: st: Questions on -mlogit-)

From   "Clive Nicholas" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Correction to Ada (Was Re: st: Questions on -mlogit-)
Date   Sun, 28 Mar 2004 00:10:48 -0000 (GMT)

I should issue a hasty correction to Ada. She was, of course, talking
about _probabilities_ in calculating:

>> exp(1.96e-17)/(1+exp(1.96e-17))
>> Not 1/1.96e-17 as you have used.

This I've done, and P = .368. Thanks to her for this. However, I believe
I'm correct in its interpretation (i.e., since the odds < 1, P must be <
.5, given the hypothesis I stated).

So that's that sorted. My second query was the log_10 of the Hessian
condition number. Maybe I should be clearer in what I'm looking for. In
order to calculate this figure, we take the square root of the largest and
smallest roots in the variance-covariance matrix. I know what to do once
I've obtained that ratio:

. display log10(ratio)

but how do I obtain these two roots from the matrix?

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