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RE: st: gini coeff

From   "Stephen P Jenkins" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: gini coeff
Date   Mon, 8 Mar 2004 10:15:50 -0000

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> Subject: RE: st: gini coeff
> Stephen,
> Thank you for your explanations. My understanding now is:
> 1. STATA's ginides command assumes that the all your obs are 
> in 1 population. So if I wanted to treat each county as a 
> separate population and calculate gini indices for each tract 
> within a county, I would have to qualify the command with an 
> "if county" or "by county" statement. (I tried this and STATA 
> is giving me an error). Is there another way to do this 
> besides using subsets of your data and then appending them?
> 2. Your code treats each tract as a population. Thus, the 
> income distribution of one tract will not influence the gini 
> of another tract.
> 3. your ineqdeco command would give the same results as the 
> ginidesc command
> Is this right? Or am I confused.

I admit that /I/ am confused because you don't state clearly enough (for
what it is that you really want to do; nor did you do so in your first
But anyway, here goes ...
Re Q1: I don't know why you get an error using -if- option with
contact the authors.  I don't understand the statement about doing
separately and
appending -- the sample code I gave you showed how to get tract-specific
in the current data set
Q2. Yes.  By definition, to calculate the subgroup Gini, you use data
from that subgroup.
Q3. I cannot speak for -ginidesc-; I do not know the answer. But
-indeqdeco- and -inequal7- give correct answers as far as I know, and
the same answer.
To reiterate what I said last time: which program you want to use
depends on your goal. If you just want the tract-specific Ginis, you can
use -indeqdeco- in the ways I discussed last time. If you want to
decompose the Gini into within/between/overlapping terms, use

Moreover you needed to provide more information about the nature of your
data. (Is the observation level the county or the
individual/household/family/? )  

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