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RE: st: Year to start 1st April

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: Year to start 1st April
Date   Sun, 7 Mar 2004 16:44:45 -0000

Good point. I haven't used it for a long time. 
The function is indeed broken in this respect by 
a change in official Stata introduced in Stata 8. 
I'll put that on a list of programs to fix. 

[email protected] 

Richard Williams
> At 04:02 PM 3/7/2004 +0000, Nick Cox wrote:
> >In addition, an -egen- function -ncyear()- is bundled
> >in -egenmore- on SSC.
> That is a nice solution.  Incidentally, the docs for the 
> ncyear fnc say it
> returns an integer variable labelled with labels such as "1952/53"
> However, I tried it in Stata 8 and got no such labels; but 
> then I tried it 
> in Stata 7 and the labels were there.  Could some change in 
> Stata 8 have 
> zapped the labels?

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